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Do's & Don'ts in Pregnancy (Part II)

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

Consuming folic acid capsules is one of the important Do's. Read on to find out more.

Pregnancy Singapore: Do's & Don'ts in Pregnancy (Part II)

#1. Loud noises and horror movies in pregnancy

Fear activates your nervous system to produce adrenaline hormones. Adrenaline will increase your heart rate and your breathing becomes more shallow and faster. Your blood pressure will pump up. Watching horror movies in pregnancy is more of a cultural taboo. There is no scientific proof to show its harmful effects on the baby. But fear would evoke the adrenaline gush. Loud noises do not usually affect your baby as he/she is surrounded by amniotic fluid and buffered from the noises.

As I encourage all pregnant women to be calm and relaxed and think of happy things, listening to calm music and watching nice entertainment programs will be a better alternative.

#2. Mobile phones or computers during pregnancy

Many mothers are concerned about the possible harmful effects of cellphone and computer radiation. Unfortunately, there is insufficient scientific research done to comment on the safety of cellphone usage at the moment. Use in moderation.

#3. Airport X-ray screener in pregnancy

Airport X-ray machines are used to screen briefcases and packages. They give much lower doses of radiation than X-ray machines in hospitals — almost immeasurable. They are designed this way because they do not have to see in such detail. The cosmic radiation is even much more in the air flights.

#4. Does passing through the airport security pose a risk to my baby?

Passing through an airport security portal has not been shown to pose a risk to a pregnant woman or her unborn child. The metal detector is not known to pose any health risk to individuals. The devices used to scan your carry-ons are very well shielded so there is no risk passing through the airport security.

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