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Is pregnancy brain real?

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

Soon into your pregnancy, you may feel foggy-brained or forgetful. You misplace your purse, forget to reply SMS, or fetch something only to discover that you've forgotten what you are looking for. At work, you tend to day-dream. Is this pregnancy brain?

You may have heard about episodes of forgetfulness during pregnancy. It's sometimes called mom-nesia or "pregnancy brain".

What is the cause?

Pregnancy brain is just your hormones having some fun — this time at the expense of your memory. A lack of good sleep can also contribute, with the added exhaustion (which your brain needs to stay focused). The exciting new changes could affect your concentration too.

Preparing to Forget

Firstly, forgetfulness in pregnancy is normal and common. The good news is that this is temporary — you'll have total recall again soon after delivery.

Many mothers feel absent-minded and forgetful in pregnancy. The exact cause is multi-factorial. Hormonal change, stress and worry worsen the absent-mindedness. Sleep could also be erratic during your pregnancy. You are more forgetful if you are tired.

4 tips to cope with your pregnancy brain

#1 Get organised

Maybe you had never made to-do list or rely on a planner, but you probably need one now. Keep it in your phone or post the list in obvious places. Getting more organised will come in handy as you face the challenges of motherhood in the days ahead.

#2 Don't overdo it

This is not the time to put in 16-hour work day or start work on a mega-project. Use your pregnancy as a shield to say no — there will be plenty of opportunities to pitch in future. Live to fight another day!

#3 Get plenty of rest

Sleep in whenever you can and at least 8 hours a day. Exhausting yourself will only further cloud your mind.

#4 Pamper yourself

If you crave more me-time, indulge in yourself. It is normal to feel this way, and giving yourself an opportunity to day-dream and take things slow may help. Take a leisurely walk or slow bath. It is helpful to speak with other pregnant moms. Peer support is important.

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