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5 Best signs of Pregnancy in 2023

Updated: Oct 10

How to tell you’re pregnant? Look out for these 5 early symptoms.

#1: Missed period

This is the most reliable sign when your period is late. Some women do have irregular periods and it may be hard to tell in these women. Do a urine pregnancy test (UPT) and the exciting truth will be out.

#2: Pain in the breasts

For some women, their breasts are sensitive and the breast soreness is their first sign of pregnancy.

#3: Light Spotting

Light bleeding could be due to implantation bleeding. But watch out for excessive bleeding, as this could be a sign of miscarriage, especially if there are associated cramps.

#4: Nausea and Morning Sickness

Contrary to common belief, not every woman experience nausea or morning sickness. Some expectant mothers experience more severe symptoms and needs hospitalisation for intravenous drip. Older mothers tend to have a higher risk of vomiting, while mothers of baby boys and twins are more likely to vomit than women carrying baby girls.

#5: Constipation and bloatedness

The hormonal changes slow your bowel digestion, causing you to be constipated. This is a common symptom in the early pregnancy, but many mums have constipation throughout entire pregnancy. Staying hydrated and drinking 1.5 litres of water a day can help. Bloatedness and poor appetite generally improves after first trimester. Try some warm ginger tea to help in bloatedness.

If none of these signs seem familiar, just do a simple urine pregnancy test.

All the best!

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