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5 must-know changes to your birth plan from 16 May - 13 June 2021

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

As Singapore tightens measures this month in phase 2 (heightened alert) to reduce community Covid transmission, you may be affected by new restrictions and measures when you admit for your delivery. Get ready so that you can be mentally prepared.

#1 Covid swab test for inpatient admission

Be brave for a mandatory nasal Covid test swab. This is paid by government and not out of your pockets. Your husband will be spared as visitors are not required.

#2 Your healthcare team will be tested for Covid

Rest assured that your obstetrician, paediatrician and nurses would be Covid-free as they will be regularly tested for Covid as well. This is to protect you, baby and fellow healthcare colleagues.

#3 Full personal protection equipment (PPE) at delivery

Don't be alarmed to see you doctor and midwives geared up like DaVaders to deliver your baby as this is to reduce aerosol transmission during your pushing.

#4 No post-delivery party in ward

Keep your celebrations to a later date. Only 2 predesignated visitors are allowed during your stay. And one visitor at a time with no drinking or eating allowed for the visitor. Husband will be allowed meals, so no worries.

#5 Husband may not be allowed to Operating Theatre

Some hospitals are restricting husbands to accompany during C-section and so, best check with your doctor and hospital.

STAY SAFE for yourself and baby!

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