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New dad and new role

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

No joke when your buddies warn you that life is going to turn upside down with a new baby. Happy father's day!

Pregnancy Singapore: New dad and new role

Your partner's role as a new father cannot be understated. He offers the emotional and physical support when you need most. And he will be popping champagne, as he is promoted to become a dad.

Reassure you in your pregnancy journey

Just as you are coping with the physical demands, your partner will read this blog and tell you all that you need to know. This is how he gets involved in the pregnancy. Learning about the symptoms of pregnancy, he assures you the mild ailments such as backache, leg cramps or even Braxton Hicks pains are perfectly common.

See your obstetrician together

It's a lovely sight to see you both attending the clinic together. Bring him along so that he can ask the doctor questions about the pregnancy. If he has a family history of genetic problems, communicate this to your doctor. More tests can then be arranged to ascertain these risks in your baby.

Knowing the progress of the pregnancy will help him to understand your physical and emotional demands. Seeing your baby on the scan together creates the special bond. He will feel just as excited and thrilled as you.

It is a perfect date to attend the antenatal classes together. Learning more about the symptoms of pregnancy helps him understand and appreciate your sacrifices. He now understands your mood swings, appetite changes and even cravings.

Your partner's role during delivery

Your partner is your best supporter at delivery. However, beware if your partner has a fear of blood. Let him witness the special moment of delivery. Your partner's encouragement is the best motivation at this critical moment.

Most fathers love to cut the umbilical cord and I often encourage this. Indeed, this special act signify his first responsibility as a father. Birth and delivery are miraculous. Both of you must enjoy this emotional experience together!

The new father

Communication and support is absolutely essential especially in the first few days after delivery. Your partner must understand your mood swings and blues. You will need all his physical and emotional support.

As a new father, he may be busy with the new tasks of fatherhood such as changing diapers and helping with feeds. Be open and communicate about your needs and to feel love. Embrace this special moment!

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