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4 ways to deal with terrible 2s

The time has arrived. Your cute little angel has suddenly transformed into a little uncooperative and unpredictable devil after age 2. Welcome to the terrible twos. "No" is his/her new favourite word! This is a challenging time.

Why terrible 2s

This is a transitional period as your baby grows to be a toddler. Trust me that this is transient although it feels long and dreadful. Your baby throws tantrums at the slightest dislike and wails for hours. He/she is learning to be assertive and demanding on choices. But this will blow away.

4 effective strategies

#1 Be firm

Set clear boundary as your baby is testing your limit. Yes, he/she can be manipulative at this tender age. Your baby will soon learn what is acceptable social norm and you have to stay firm. Your baby is learning about right decision-making at age 2.

#2 Set clear choices - "Two is good, four is bad"

Giving too many choices to your baby may be too overwhelming. Giving only 2 options would be magical. But ensure that the chosen option can be done; otherwise, soon your baby may not trust again.

#3 Acknowledge the emotion

Learn to explore and acknowledge his/her frustration and encourage to verbalise the feeling and be empathetic. Throwing tantrum results from inability to express the frustrated feeling. Teaching your toddler to say how he/her is feeling will lessen the tantrum episodes.

#4 Set a daily routine

Your kid loves and strives on routine. Routine helps to lessen the insecurity and frustrated emotion. Consistency in the daily schedule will also manage his/her impulsive behaviour as your toddler knows what to expect.

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