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5 Optional vaccines to consider for your child

Wondering if you should vaccinate your child with Rotavirus or Chickenpox vaccine?

Read on.

Optional vaccinations for your child

#1 Rotavirus Vaccine

This is an oral vaccine that is given by 6 months of age. Rotavirus is a common viral infection of the gut, causing fever, diarrhea and vomiting. Many kids are also hospitalized from severe dehydration.

#2 Chickenpox (CP) Vaccine

CP vaccine can be injected after 1 year of age. 2 doses are advised for best protection. Do take note that this vaccine may cause fever after injection from day 4 to 8. It protects against CP, which is highly contagious and causes fever, blisters, itchy rash and lethargy. Some skin scars may be permanent.

#3 Hepatitis A Vaccine

This can be administered after 1 year of age. 2 doses are advised. There is usually no side effect. Hep A is a liver infection from contaminated food or water. It causes fever, prolonged jaundice (yellowing of skin) and lethargy.

#4 Flu Vaccine

Influenza vaccine can be administered after 6 months of age. It can cause mild flu-like symptoms within the week. Flu is an acute viral infection that causes very high fever, bodyache, runny nose and cough. It can be serious in the very young, leading to hospitalization and affects the brain or heart.

#5 HPV Vaccine

The Human Papilloma (HPV) vaccine is recommended for girls aged 9-27. Boys can also opt for the vaccine. This vaccine prevents 70-80% lifetime risk of cervical cancer. It can prevent genital warts and anal/vaginal cancer.

What to do before the vaccination?

Please ensure that your child is not unwell or febrile. I would advise to postpone for 1-2 weeks if he/she is sick. If your child is old enough to understand, try to explain the procedure and that this injection will make him/her stronger! Give a bravery award if he/she did not cry during the jab.

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