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5 surprisingly simple ways to bond with your baby

It is not always “love at first sight” for every mother and her newborn. Adjusting to the mummy role is a psychological process that may take time, and there is no standard way of loving your child. Here are some simple ways to get started, but most importantly, be curious and observe your baby’s responses. Your own baby is the best baby manual that you can find!

Eye contact

Babies can only see up to 10 inches at birth, but they are naturally attracted to the human face at this stage. Make frequent eye contact with baby while carrying or breastfeeding. By 3 months, baby can follow with eye movements, so try catching his/her attention, then move slowly to the left or right while calling his/her name or making funny sounds.

Physical touch

Do a light massage while applying lotion for the baby after bath. Use your fingers to trace shapes and letters on baby’s tummy during play time.

Talk about anything

Talk, sing, or you can even rap. The focus here isn’t about teaching language, but interaction. At birth, your baby is already familiar with your voice after 9 months in your womb. Hearing your voice provides soothing familiarity and builds stronger bond. When your baby starts to babble, you can have “conversation”, pausing to let him/her respond and answering / laughing as though you understood.

Watch baby sleep

Babies look so cute and innocent when asleep. Spend a few quiet moments admiring your baby’s facial features, with every breath. Connect with gratitude for having gone through the pregnancy and delivery safely. Whatever difficulties you may face, remember “this too, shall pass”.

Set a routine

Babies and young children thrive on routine. They learn through repetitions. Mundane as it may seem, your daily tasks of cleaning, feeding and soothing add to his/her sense of security. Seeing it this way helps you find meaning in those repetitive tasks. One day down the road, he will literally be requesting, “again, again!” for you to do that funny action or sing his/her favourite song.

Enjoy your parenthood as time will pass really quickly and snap lots of pictures for memory!

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