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6 tips to find a good confinement nanny during Covid period

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

Congratulations! You’ve just discovered that you are pregnant. While you are still enjoying this sweet moment, do think of engaging a confinement nanny soon! The Covid period with a lock-down in Malaysia also means difficulty for the nannies to come to work in Singapore.

Most nannies who are in Singapore, may already be fully booked. And, prepare to pay a premium as the demands are high. You can choose between a part-time confinement nanny or a fulltime stay-in confinement nanny.

Who is confinement nanny?

In Asian culture, a confinement nanny helps to look after the new-born for the first month. She also attends to the welfare of the mother, especially her diet. Nanny usually cooks well and whips up nutritious confinement meals and prepares herbal bath, which is believed to help the new mum recover from the physical stress of pregnancy and delivery. She’ll bathe, baby-sit and feed the baby if you are not breastfeeding exclusively.

#1 Nanny allows new mothers rest and respite from baby

This much-needed support reduces your risk of depression and blues. You can have your proper me-time too.

#2 How to choose a good confinement nanny

Look for a middle-age ones (preferably 40-60 years old) with good experience with newborns. You can check their medical history to ensure that they are fit for this tough work.

Looking after new-born with sleepless nights is challenging. Remember that they may be working continuously during this Covid period without any breaks. Having a good working attitude, patience and passion for her work are also good traits to select. You must be comfortable at ease to leave your precious baby in her hands.

#3 Arrange an interview or get testimonies

It would be best if you can meet her before engaging. Even a phone discussion is good to assess her communication and experience. Not all confinement nannies are able to speak English so do your homework before-hand. Recommendations from close family or friends are always best and most reliable. If she is accredited for infant CPR, that would be added bonus!

#4 Infection control is important

Assess the nanny’s hygiene and infection control. Hand rubs with alcohol or hand wash is important especially before feeds.

#5 Do discuss your expectations so that there is less friction

Confinement nanny can be traditional and fixed in her own way of looking after your baby. Mutual respect is important for a smooth and stress-free confinement. After all, you are her employer. Remember that the confinement nanny helps you to establish a routine for your baby. Treat her like a family member as she is often away from her own family for work. She will appreciate your kind gesture. Tip her well if she meets beyond your expectations so that she will return for your next baby.

#6 Special work permit pass

You can apply a special nanny work permit with Ministry of Manpower for up to 16 weeks if you decide to extend her help.

All the best for your nanny's search!


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