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Can malformed ears be corrected? 3 must-know facts

Some babies may have malformed ears. Besides cosmesis, these problems impact negatively on a child’s psychological and social well-being.

With the advent of ear moulding, ear malformations can be corrected non-surgically by wearing a splint only for a few weeks. The success rate is close to 90%.

#1 When to start ear moulding

The best timing for ear moulds is to start ASAP, preferably within 1st week of birth, for optimal result and least complication. However, ear moulding is still effective within the first 3 months after birth. Once this golden chance is over, surgery is best recommended after age 5.

#2 What is ear moulding

A narrow rim of hair is shaved around the ear. A small ear splint is applied onto the affected ear. I would recommend regular reviews 1 – 2 weekly to check the condition of the ear and for splint changes.

#3 What are the risks

Some babies may develop skin irritation or abrasions from the splint wear. I would advise

parents to keep their baby cool and dry in air-conditioned rooms to avoid skin rash and

loosening of the splint. For some, the ear malformation may not be fully corrected or may


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