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#5 CNY foods to avoid in pregnancy for year of Dragon (2024)

1. Yu-Sheng and Sashimi

This tops the list of food that pregnant mums must avoid. Raw fish have germs that can cause severe food poisoning. Your immune system is weak in pregnancy which makes you prone to infection. Salmonella and Listeria infections cause severe diarrhoea, nausea and vomiting. In severe cases, it may result in miscarriage. Moms, please stay clear. If you had eaten accidentally in midst of CNY celebrations, take probiotics which contain healthy Lacto-bacillus to protect your gut health.

2. Steamboat

It is our Chinese tradition to gather for steamboat at reunion dinner. Steamboat is safe but be beware of germ contamination. Separate the utensils for raw and cooked food to avoid food poisoning. Do not dip your chopsticks into the soup base as Hepatitis B and C can be transmitted by cross-contamination. Covid-19 virus can also be transmitted if no proper hygiene and sanitization is practiced.

3. Pineapple tarts

Pineapple tarts are a must-eat for many to prosper in the new year. Unfortunately, the pastry is rich in sugars and butter. Each pineapple is worth a whooping 100 calories and will need 10 minutes of exercise to burn it off. Excessive consumption may cause heartburn and indigestion. So, eat modestly. Risk of miscarriage is probably a myth as it is not supported by scientific studies. This is also a no-no for GD (diabetes) moms.

4. Mandarin oranges

Again, mandarin oranges are auspicious during CNY for good fortune. However, it is acidic and each orange contains 50 calories. Do eat cautiously especially for GD moms.

5. Soft drinks and champagnes

Soda orange and champagne are favorites as CNY beverages. Remember, each bottle (500mls) of soda orange would cost you 150 calories. GD mothers may need to avoid these fizzy drinks. Alcohol should also be avoided in pregnancy as it may affect your baby’s growth and development. So, go ahead to toast but skip the champagne.

Have a blessed year of Dragon with healthy pregnancy and awesome delivery!


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