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Conception calculator to help you get pregnant

Updated: May 9, 2021

Our Singapore government had recently announced a $3000 baby support grant for babies born from 1 OCT 2020 to 30 SEP 2022. If you are quickly TTC (trying to conceive), a conception calculator may "tell" your fertile period.

5 steps to Use a Conception Calculator

  1. Note your menstrual dates, especially first day of your last menstrual period (LMP) AKA Day 1 of menses.

  2. Calculate your average length of menstrual cycle over last year. Average length is 28 days.

  3. Minus 14 days from this average period length. Eg: 28 – 14 = Day 14. This will be the likely day of ovulation (i.e. most fertile period).

  4. Remember that the egg will only survive 24-48 hours after ovulation.

  5. The sperms can survive 24-72 hours in the female body.

Your body changes during ovulation

You will notice that your vaginal discharge is thin and transparent during ovulation. This aids the winning sperm to swim towards the egg. The rising oestrogen level makes your breasts feel sore and tender. Your body temperature rises the day after ovulation if you are tracking basal body temperature (BBT)

Track with ovulation test kit

Tracking with an ovulation urine test kit is most accurate in predicting your most fertile day. Start daily testing from Day 10 of menses to determine your lucky day. You will have a hormonal LH surge before ovulation, which is detected by the kit. This is your best chance for a sniper shot. God bless!

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