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What to expect #4 month

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

Are you feeling the flutter? It is like bubbling in your tummy. This is the first sign of your baby moving! Get ready for a growth spurt.

You will feel more connected with your baby. Finally, there is movement felt called flutter and they are unmistakable. But you may be confused with bloating of tummy. Don't worry. The movements will kick in soon, literally. At 4th month, baby is already the size of an avocado, around 12cm and 150g.

Baby can hear you

Inside your bump, baby can hear you now and gets attuned to your voice. Hair is also starting to grow to keep warm. The major organs are now formed.

You may be able to see the gender now, especially boy.
• Your baby can now hear. Music and mother’s voice are calming to the baby. Start playing the Chopin nocturne.
• Your baby can also start sucking and swallowing.

5 Symptoms to expect

#1 Back pain. Your lower back is hurting due to hormones. Start to move your body and stretch more.

#2 Constipation. Again, this is hormonal effect slowing the gut. Load up on high-fiber fruits and hydrate.

#3 Forgetfulness (Aka #PregnancyBrain). No one knows for sure why pregnant woman becomes forgetful. It could be hormonal or just preoccupation of baby. Lots on your mind!

#4 Dry eyes. Blame the hormones once again! You could try saline eye drops.

#5 Pregnancy skin glow. This is the best effect of the hormones on your face. Enjoy the glow!

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