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First 1000 days of life crucial for your child’s development – 8 must-know facts

Updated: Apr 17, 2022

1. The first 1,000 days of life - includes pregnancy period (270 days) and baby's first (365 days) of life is the crucial time when optimal health, growth, and neurodevelopment are formed.

2. Studies showed that the brain and IQ development is “plastic” and 80% of brain development occurs during this period. This moldable potential will be “fixed” after 2 years of age.

The First 1000 days is termed the golden “window of opportunity” to optimise your baby’s health, brain and immune system development. Don’t miss this ONE choice.

4. Eating well and nutritiously during pregnancy is important and maintain a positive mindset. Stay cheerful for your baby. The seeds of your baby’s health are planted in pregnancy. Long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids (DHAs) in fish oils and egg yolks play a central role in the healthy development and functioning of the brain and the eyes.

5. Breastfeeding is important as many key nutrients and probiotics (“good bacteria”) is passed to baby to improve his/her immune health. Breastmilk is baby’s superfood. Studies show that breastfeeding for >12 months is associated with an increase of 3.76 points!

6. Low birth weight and poor growth in early infancy leads to stunting and obesity in children and later in adulthood.

7. There is strong correlation that good nutrition in mothers and infants lay a strong foundation for your baby’s future cognitive (IQ), motor and social skills, school grades and productivity.

8. Targeting this important 1000-day period is your best gift for your baby. Remember that good nutrition provides the fuel that drives your child’s early development and future adulthood.

Let’s get it right and lay a strong foundation for your baby!


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