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Ginseng and breastfeeding - 5 facts that you must know

Updated: Jul 4, 2019

Many new mums are stressed out and constantly tired especially from the incessant breastfeeding and nursing. Can ginseng, with its medicinal properties, do the magic?

#1: Theoretically, ginseng with its estrogenic properties, decreases the quantity and quality of breast milk and so, consume with caution whilst breastfeeding.

#2: Ginseng is a powerful herb and safety data in breastfeeding is limited.

#3: TCM physicians prescribe ginseng for weak body, but under strict supervision. In addition, there are other safer herbs that can help combat fatigue and boost well-being such as Astragalus propinquus(黄芪huáng qí)、Atractylodes macrocephala(白术bái zhú) and red dates(红枣hóng zǎo).

#4: Remember, always approach a registered TCM physician for advice regarding consumption of Chinese herbs when you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

#5: So, it is a no-no for Ginseng in breastfeeding!

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