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How to Beat Morning Sickness – The TCM way

Is morning sickness causing you mood swings and depression? Here are some easy remedies to combat this dreadful pregnancy symptom.

TCM believes that morning sickness is due to poor “Qi” flow in the stomach, especially for pregnant women who have poor digestive system with “dampness” accumulated in the body or are stressed and emotional. The symptoms can be managed with lifestyle changes and will usually ease after first trimester. However, if you have trouble keeping fluids down and suffer weight loss, do seek medical attention immediately.

Get Plenty of Rest and Stay Hydrated

Having enough sleep at night or power nap during the day can help ease the feeling of nausea. If you’re working and feeling sick, try WFH. Nausea can affect some women throughout the day — not just on waking. Tiredness will aggravate the symptoms. Drink lots of isotonic sports drinks (non-gassy) to maintain hydration.

Keep Track of Your Triggers and Watch your diet

Every expectant mother reacts differently to foods. There will be unique smells and tastes that trigger your gag reflex. Keeping track of what induces nausea and make lifestyle changes to prevent it.

Have Small Meals

The trick is to have nibbles and small bites on hand; eat often but keep your meal size small. Heavy meals make you bloated and more nauseous. Try soupy stuff and mild flavours.

Ginger Helps

Ginger is safe remedy for nausea and vomiting in pregnancy. You can choose to take ginger supplement or simply steep a slice of ginger in hot water for a quick fix. Prepacked ginger tea may work well too.

Other Herbs can Help

Other easily available herbs that are safe and help with morning sickness include orange peel, smoked plum and fingered citron (also known as Buddha’s hand). You can buy these herbs from most Chinese Medical Halls. Try to avoid buying dried orange peel and fingered citron that contain added sugar. Orange peel is suitable for pregnant women who feel bloated; smoked plum is suitable for women who feel dehydrated from vomiting too much while fingered citron is suitable for those who have poor appetite. You can soak a few pieces of dried orange peel or fingered citron in hot water for 30 minutes and drink it after meal for orange peel; and before meal for fingered citron. Smoked plum can be eaten directly.

Try TCM Acupressure points
There are acupressure points on your body that can help relieve nausea. The most common point is the wrist acupressure point (PC6) located 3 fingers from the inner side of both wrists. Constant pressure on the acupoints — or you can try using special wristbands — works to reduce morning sickness. Or try TCM Acupuncture which works magic with some women.


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