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What Happens in Second Trimester?

Updated: Feb 29

You're entering the “honeymoon period” of your pregnancy! Here's all you need to know about the second trimester.

Back in Action

For most women, the second trimester is the best phase when they typically regain their appetite and energy. Your body has adjusted to the pregnancy. Wohoo!


Expect some changes in the bedroom. Some women experience an increased sex drive during the second trimester as they are better able to adapt to their pregnancy physically and emotionally. This is in contrast to first-trimester nausea, vomiting and fatigue, which often result in a dip in desire for sex.

A busy, growing Baby

One of the most exciting parts of the second trimester is your baby’s growth. You will soon see your bump going. Baby will grow from a lemon to a small eggplant size.


At the same time, you may feel quickening AKA baby’s movements. Don’t worry if you cannot feel your baby’s kicks yet. Some women feel quickening only after 5-6 months of pregnancy.


By Week 18, your baby’s genitals should be fully formed. That means it’s now possible to find out your baby’s sex — but only if you want to know.


Enjoy the pregnancy and free yourself of unnecessary worries.


Screenings and Diagnostic Tests

There are some important tests to undergo in your second trimester.


A detailed structural ultrasound scan is done at Week 20 to detect maldevelopment and complications such as low placenta.


The glucose screening is another essential test, typically carried out between Weeks 24 and 28. It detects for gestational diabetes, which may result in oversized babies, caesarean deliveries and health problems for both you and your baby.




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lekor adams
18 minutes ago

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