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Infant feeding: The TCM Perspective

You may be grateful that your baby is feeding well, while some parents are concerned of their babies' poor appetite. From the TCM's perspective, what causes poor feeds?

TCM facts about your baby’s digestive system

The baby’s organ system is not fully developed. This is especially so, for the digestive system AKA "Pi-wei", which includes spleen and stomach. Many infants also have "Qi" deficiency in their digestive systems which causes indigestion, poor appetite and poor feeds. Overfeeding exacerbates this indigestion problem and further depletes the "Qi'.

3 practical tips for your next feed

#1 Prevent overfeeding. You can increase the feeding frequencies with a lesser amount of milk/food at each feed. This prevents overloading of his/her digestive system.

#2 Do tummy massage for your infant by rubbing the belly in the clock-wise direction. This aids in the food digestion. Massage is recommended to be performed one hour after milk/food intake.

#3 Engage in TCM Paediatric "Tuina" massage for your infant. Paediatric “Tuina” massage helps to improve the overall health of the digestive system by boosting the "Qi" of spleen and digestive tract.

Hope that your baby will feed better and gain good weight!

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