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The pain of pregnancy loss

Miscarriage is often misunderstood. There are no words to describe the sadness of a grieving mother. It does not matter when this occurs in pregnancy, be it an early miscarriage or a late stillbirth. This special bond is unique and emotional. It can also be traumatic to the husband/partner or family including siblings. This experience is often a taboo and not openly discussed.

For the mother, it can be a loss of herself to guilt and grief. For the couple, a miscarriage can also affect their intimacy and sexual relationship. Some couples may sink into self blame, whether they should have done better to avoid this experience.

It is very important to close this chapter well and move on. The grieving mother will need to heal her physical body and mind. You may want to consider these experiences if you are in this unfortunate crisis.

  1. Get support from your empathetic friends or relatives. These pillars of help will help you through this difficult time. Your husband/partner is crucial to support you through this crisis.

  2. Look for physical or social media support groups. Many mothers can share similar experiences and provide precious advices.

  3. Journal your thoughts and emotions. Focus on what you can control and avoid negative thoughts.

  4. Avoid self-blame. You have done all that you can. The loss is not due to your action or lifestyle.

  5. Seek professional help to speak about the experience in a safe and non-judgmental environment. This is important if you find that you are spiralling into depression.

Above all, stay positive and we will pray for your recovery.

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