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What to expect at first postnatal visit

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

You’ve given birth to your baby while busy with breastfeeding and a new routine. When should you go for your first postnatal visit and what to expect?

Your doctor will usually schedule a postpartum check 2 to 4 weeks after delivery. If you had a more complicated birth, you may be scheduled quicker instead. Make your list of questions to ask.

Why need postpartum visit?

This is the critical time when postnatal blues or depression sets in. Early detection and intervention helps. This appointment can also be a tele-consult. Many patients jump on the opportunity to ask about their babies and infant issues.

What to expect at the postpartum clinic visit?

  • If you had GD, your doctor may arrange a repeat oral glucose tolerance test, to ensure that you are back to normal. This may be important when you buy or upgrade your insurance plan. So, don’t miss it.

  • Your doctor will check your tummy muscle tone and if you had a C-section or episiotomy, to ensure that the wound is healing. Some women may get DR (Diastasis Recti) and may need treatment.

  • Your doctor may check for breast lumps, discharge, clogged ducts or mastitis. Supplements such as Frenugreek or medications can be prescribed to boost milk supply so that baby gets enough milk.

  • Pap smear for cervical cancer screening is routinely done once the bleeding stops.

What should you discuss at this visit?

  • Birth control – do check whether contraception is needed if you do not want a surprise. Some women resume fertility within 3-6 months after delivery.

  • Don’t be afraid to ask your doctor any questions you may have on sex, such as if it’s okay to resume your sex life. Many couples find it difficult to resume their sex life after having a baby. Sex can be painful initially after delivery due to dry vagina after delivery. Lubs may do the trick.


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