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3 effective ways to manage your baby's diarrhoea

Updated: Apr 27, 2019

Diarrhoea is common amongst young infants. Most commonly, it is due to viral infection of

the gut. Good news is that most diarrhoea will resolve spontaneously. And, it is safe to

look after the young baby at home.

#1. Hydrate, hydrate and hydrate

Make sure you hydrate your baby well. If you are breastfeeding, continue frequent feeds.

For formula feeds, consider switching to lactose-free or soy-based formula if diarrhoea

persists for weeks. Try barley, rice-water or oral hydration fluids (eg Pedialyte). Avoid fruit

juices as sugar may cause more watery stools.

#2. Believe in probiotics

Probiotics have shown to improve diarrhoea. Try protexin, biogaia or LactoGG. Anti-

diarrhoeal medications are not safe in babies and should not be given. I would not suggest

to self-medicate young babies.

#3 Look out for warning signs

If there is bloody stool, persistent high fever, lethargy or irritability in your baby, consult

your doctor to exclude serious gut infection. Other signs include poor urine output, poor

feeding, dry eyes or lips.

Prevention is best

Keep good hygiene habits. Wash or sanitize your hands before meals and after toilets.

Disinfect your baby's toys and potties regularly. Sterilise milk bottles well. Consider

rotavirus vaccination, which is the commonest viral gut infection.

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