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Should I do LASIK surgery while pregnant?

Updated: Apr 27, 2019

You’re keen to have LASIK surgery, but you’re now expecting. Is it safe to do the operation during pregnancy?

Pregnancy Singapore: Should I do LASIK surgery while pregnant?

The short answer is that any refractive surgery (including Lasik, SMILE) is not recommended during pregnancy and best to wait at least 3 months after stopping breastfeeding. The surge in pregnancy hormone is linked to changes in corneal stiffness that may result in a less reliable surgical outcome. The risk of regression or myopia returning is also higher. Dry eyes are more common during pregnancy, and may adversely affect the accuracy of the pre-Lasik refraction test.

Also some medications used during routine refractive surgery including sedatives (e.g.diazepam), pain-killers (e.g. mefenamic acid), antibiotic eyedrops (e.g. fluoroquinolones) and anti-inflammatory eyedrops (e.g. steroids) should be avoided during pregnancy, even though the risk to baby is low.

3 considerations before lasik surgery

#1 Best to discuss your eye condition with your ophthalmologist

#2 Avoid contact lens which is uncomfortable and risky

#3 Make a new pair of glasses with updated prescription

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