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Dental care & pregnancy

Updated: Apr 27, 2019

Morning sickness and tiredness can cause dental caries, so make sure that you visit your dentist.

Pregnancy Singapore: Dental care & pregnancy

I cannot over-emphasize the importance of dental care to have healthy teeth and gums. Taking charge of your dental health for a healthy pregnancy. You should visit your dentist for a check-up, scaling and polishing of your teeth. Gum diseases are associated with miscarriage and preterm labour.

#1 Are dental procedures safe in pregnancy?

While check-ups and cleaning are safe during pregnancy, certain dental procedures (for example bleaching) should be postponed till delivery. If fillings are required, avoid mercury amalgam. Discuss your dental needs with your dentist. Treatment in third trimester is not recommended due to the unfavourable supine position during treatment. This position affects circulation to baby. 

#2 Are braces safe for C-section?

Many patients wearing braces have no problems with surgery and anesthesia. However, do inform the anesthetist if you are undergoing general anesthesia to take special precautions not to dislodge the braces.​ ​

#3 Is dental x-ray safe in pregnancy?

This is absolutely safe provided a lead apron is worn to shield the baby from the radiation effect. Go for it if necessary.

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