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I feel giddy. Is it normal?

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

Giddy spell during pregnancy is definitely not a positive experience. Can I prevent it?

You may occasionally feel lightheaded or dizzy because your cardiac system changes dramatically. Your heart rate shoots up, your heart pumps more blood, and the blood volume increases by 40%.

Fainting spells start as early as 20 weeks of pregnancy when the blood pressure drops as blood vessels relax. Thus, if you stand for a prolonged time or get up suddenly from sitting or sleeping, the blood supply to your brain may be shut off, leading to fainting. Excessive vomiting or heat may worsen this symptom. As your baby grows, the blood flow is impeded by the compression of womb and cause more giddiness.

In most pregnancies, the blood vessels dilate and blood pressure gradually drops, reaching the lowest point in mid pregnancy. It creeps up to regular level by time of delivery. In the second and third trimesters, a growing womb also pressures on large veins and slows circulation. Your cardiovascular system adapts to these changes and maintain sufficient blood flow to your brain. But if your body doesn't adapt quickly enough, this can leave you feeling lightheaded, or even make you faint.

5 tips to deal with fainting spells

#1 Avoid prolonged standing or walking. Limit to 30 minutes at most.

#2 Get up slowly from sitting or lying down to prevent a sudden hypotension

#3 Don't fast and don't go hungry. Eat small smalls frequently.

#4 Do not lie supine from mid-trimester. Best to sleep on the side with your bump supported on a pillow.

#5 When the giddy spells hit you, sit or lie down immediately to prevent black-out.

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