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4 Breastfeeding secrets

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

Breastfeeding is a time of bonding with your baby. Cherish these special moments! It won't happen again. Let's answer some burning questions.

#1 Can I continue to breastfeed my baby if I am pregnant again?

There are some concerns about continuing breastfeeding during pregnancy. Firstly, there is the worry about nutrient deficiency to the developing fetus and the impact on the mother's health such as depleting her store of calcium. Thus, continue to take vitamin and calcium supplements and eat well. Secondly, the pregnancy hormones will decrease the amount of milk as well as change the taste of the milk. There are some studies which link breastfeeding to premature labour due to contractions. If you are experiencing these symptoms, do consider stopping.

#2 Is it normal if I start leaking milk at 6 months of pregnancy?

The milk glands in your breasts may start to produce colostrum as early as 6-7 months of pregnancy. Thus, it is absolutely normal if your breasts leak colostrum at this stage.

#3 I notice an extra breast tissue in the armpit. Is this normal?

Some women may have an extra breast or pair of breast in the lower armpit, known as accessory breasts. These extra breasts may also enlarge due to hormonal stimulation in pregnancy. So, do not be alarmed.

#4 Can I breastfeed if I have had breast augmentation surgery with implants?

Breastfeeding is no more difficult with implants than without. For women who have silicone implants, there is the fear that breastfeeding would endanger the child. However, studies have shown no adverse effects as the silicone does not pass through breast milk. Silicone implants have also been replaced by saline implants. Even if the saline leaks into the milk, there is no harm on the baby as saline is safe. So, no worries!

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