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Explaining vacuum & forceps delivery

Updated: Apr 27, 2019

Did you imagine horror music and picture metal instruments attached to your baby’s head? If so, take a deep breath. It’s not that scary.

Pregnancy Singapore: Explaining vacuum & forceps delivery

Ideally, during natural childbirth, your little one comes into the world with some pushing only. But sometimes babies don’t arrive according to plan and need some assistance before they are welcomed into your arms. When this is the case, your doctor may use either forceps or a vacuum to expedite the delivery. This is known as assisted or instrumental delivery.

#1. Is forceps or vacuum delivery better?

Although these instruments may be used under similar conditions, your obstetrician will choose the most appropriate instrument depending on the clinical circumstance and his/her expertise. 

#2. Should I opt for a C-Section instead?

Assisted deliveries are safe and will be performed with you and your baby’s interests in mind. Otherwise, your obstetrician may discuss for C-section instead. So, trust his/her judgement and experience.

It is important to follow the doctor’s instructions closely during instrumental delivery. This is the most critical moment for your baby. You should relax and not bear down when the instrument is applied to the baby’s head. Similarly, you should push well when asked. This is when you are experiencing a strong contraction. While you are pushing, your doctor will assist you with the forceps or vacuum to deliver the baby. 

Sometimes, if an assisted delivery fails and the baby cannot be delivered naturally, you will need an emergency C-section. 

You would also be required to sign on the consent form once the decision for an instrumental delivery is made. 

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