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Can I feel baby movements?

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

If your baby’s movements lessen or cease, it can be a sign of cord accident. So do pay attention to the pattern of kicks of your baby and inform your doctor if there is any change.

Most women can feel the first foetal movements after 5th month of pregnancy. Foetal kick chart is your most important observation to ensure the your baby's health. An active baby is a healthy baby and you should feel your baby stretch, kick, roll or turn.

How often should I feel my baby moving?

Some babies are more active than others. You will soon get to know your baby’s pattern of movements. They will have periods of sleep during which they are not as active. So, don't be too worried if you can't feel for a couple of hours. Also, you may not always feel your baby’s movements, especially if you are busy at work.

Babies’ movements become more frequent in the third trimester. You may feel 10 to 20 movements a day nearer delivery.

You may first feel your baby at 16–24 weeks. This special feeling is amazing and some described as a “flutter or bubbling” AKA quickening. The actual sensation of the baby’s movements varies and is dependent on your baby's and placental location.
Foetal movement chart is an useful way to assess the baby’s well-being. Foetal kick counts can be recorded in this chart — registering the number and time of the kicks. It is considered normal if there are more than ten kicks within 12 hours. If you experience less or no foetal movements, it is prudent to seek medical advice.

How do I track my baby's movement?

Kick chart is used to monitor baby movements in the womb. You can count the kicks especially nearer delivery. Also, try to learn your baby’s movement pattern. These movements differ for every baby. If you notice anything unusual, seek out medical help asap.

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