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Healthy mother, healthy baby

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

A healthy baby comes from a healthy pregnancy. Here are 5 tips to optimise you and your baby’s well-being.

#1 Maintain a good weight

Eating for two in pregnancy is fake news! You will only need an extra 340 extra calories a day in second trimester and 450 extra calories a day in third trimester. That is just an extra snack or milk a day. Obesity gives rise to pregnancy complications such as diabetes and hypertension. So, best to keep a BMI < 23 before conceiving.

#2 Check Your Emotions

Feeling sad or angry more often? Don’t worry as this may be hormonal. Keep a daily journal of how you feel and discuss with your doctor. Depression affects mums and may impact baby’s growth and brain development. So, stay positive for your baby.

#3 Screen for GD

Gestational diabetes (GD) affects 20% pregnant mothers and can lead to big babies, structural mal-developments and risk of C-section. Remember to cut down on bubble tea and desserts.

#4 Do light exercises

Exercise is key to a healthy pregnancy - 20 minutes a day is enough. Try light walking, swimming or prenatal yoga / pilates. Pelvic floor (Kegel) exercises are also good to promote natural delivery in third trimester.

#5 Folic acid is a must

Folic acid supplement (800-1000 micrograms a day) has shown to reduce brain and spine malformations and reduce preterm risk. Go green as leafy vegetables such as spinach are full of folate. Some breads and rice are enriched with folate too, check them out.


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