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No horror movie in pregnancy

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

In Chinese culture, the belief is that by looking at pictures of cute babies, you will have a cute child. Conversely, stay away from ghost movie or gory images.

After 6 months, listening to calm music will keep the baby calm and happy. Meanwhile, when the mother watches horror or tragic movie, the baby may get affected with the mother's emotional turmoil. Although not fully understood, hormonal changes triggered by the emotions can be transmitted to the baby. Remember, baby is sad when you are sad.

Research shows that pregnant women who suffer from stress are at risk for preterm delivery. Babies born to mothers with high levels of stress are also more hyper-active and tend to emotional problems.

Taboo against horror movie in pregnancy is more cultural than scientific. There is no strong medical evidence to show harm to the baby. But fear evokes an adrenaline gush which increases your heart rate and breathing becomes more shallow and rapid. Your blood pressure will increase. As I encourage pregnant moms to be calm and relaxed and think happy, horror show is a no-no.

Your baby can hear sounds after 6 months. He or she may respond to loud noises in the cinema by kicking more actively. As horror movie may be loud with screaming, you may also feel discomfort with baby wriggling about.

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