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What to expect during major scan

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

Details, details! This major ultrasound scan gives you a detailed glimpse of your baby's development.

This major scan is undoubtedly the single most important scan in this pregnancy. It is done at 5th month and snapshots your baby for any structural mal-development. The placenta is also checked if it is low-lying.

A scan from second trimester is useful to check baby's growth. The amniotic fluid is actually the urine of the baby and indicates his/her health status. A good level means that the baby is happy and peeing well.

What to expect at the scan

Be patient. It may take 30 to 45 minutes for this scan which checks all the major organs.Sometimes, it may be repeated if baby is unco-operative and the scan is inconclusive. Nonetheless, you'll be able to see your baby's developing body in detail. And gender will finally be revealed at this scan. It is emotional to see your baby on the screen.

Tip: Wear a 2-piece clothing to allow for easier access to your tummy.

This scan also determines your baby’s position and placenta location. This is useful for birth plan for natural delivery or C-section.

This scan has its limitations

The doctor will check all the major organs such as heart, brain, stomach, liver and kidneys. Count your baby's fingers and toes too! But do take note that this scan is only 70% accurate as small abnormalities may not be detectable.

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