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My bellybutton is painful during pregnancy

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

Most women experience some discomforts in pregnancy. One pain that may be unexpected? Bellybutton pain.

Pain in the belly button is a common in pregnancy. Fortunately, for most, this pain is mild.

3 causes of bellybutton pain

#1 Ligament stretch

Your ligaments are stretched to the max by third trimester. Your bellybutton is attached to the umbilical ligament and gets irritated in the process.

#2 Pressure from growing womb

As the bump pops out, the pressure pushes on the bellybutton. By third trimester, your womb grows beyond your bellybutton. The baby's weight will press on the belly, causing the discomfort.

#3 Hernia

An umbilical hernia may happen from excessive pressure in the tummy. Along with bellybutton pain, you will notice a strange bulge near your navel.

Belly button pain is common in pregnancy. Your tummy wall is weakest around the navel.The increased womb pressure causes sensitivity and pain in this area. This is harmless and will come and go. If it gets worse, see your doctor for advice.

Ease the discomfort

Your navel pain may come and go as the bump experiences rapid growth. Some women may get used to the pressure and stretch. For many, the pain is worse during the final week when your bump is the fullest.

Try and take the pressure off your belly by sleeping on your side or supporting your belly with pillows.

Wearing maternity support belt may help alleviate the soreness. You can also apply soothing pregnancy-safe lotions for pain-relief.

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