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Be cool about your birth plan

A well thought-out birth plan sets your expectation for your delivery but get mentally prepared for the unexpected.

Pregnancy Singapore: Be cool about your birth plan

“A birth plan is a guide but anything can happen during the delivery.”

A birth plan indicates your preference for the labour and delivery. While I often encourage a birth plan, do remember that labour can be unpredictable and there are times when your doctor may have to gently decline your request.

Not everyone may want a written birth plan. What is most important to discuss your doctor around 36 weeks regarding your preference for the labour, pain relief and any concerns. This will make the childbirth more meaningful for you and your partner. You will also be more mentally prepared for the D day.

A birth plan is an organised plan to keep you and your doctor/midwife on the same page during labour so as to ensure fulfilling outcomes. Delivery is an unique experience and should be enjoyed. After you research on delivery methods available, choose reasonable and acceptable options and write them down. Discuss these options when close to your delivery date, so that your doctor know the preferences.

I can suggest some discussion points such as induction, pain relief, ambulation, cord cutting, episiotomy and even cord blood banking. Your preference for C-section should be also be made known.

Some patients are disappointed when things don’t go according to plan. But do expect some unforeseen progress in labour and be flexible. After all, your and your baby's safety are top priority regardless of mode of delivery. Remember, you have tried your best and your baby will be most proud of you.

Get an example birth plan template from The Bump HERE!

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