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Breastfeeding is best for mother and baby

Over the years, many breastfeeding facts and myths have intrigued our minds. Most women did it willingly, some chose not to while some, unfortunately, could not due to medical reasons. If you are a soon-to-be or a new mother, congratulations to motherhood and breastfeeding!

Here we bring you 5 benefits of breastfeeding for your consideration. 

#1 It’s a shield for your baby

Your breast milk is as important for your baby as the shield is for Captain America. The health benefits are numerous. It is rich in antibodies that build your baby’s immunity power against germs. Colostrum (the first milk) is rich in antibodies. Breastfeeding helps your baby fight against infections.

 #2 It’s a lazy mummy workout

Mommies, if you are wondering when to hit the gym to get back into shape, this is good news! One of the best benefits of breastfeeding is weight loss. It burns 300-500 calories a day! It is a myth that breastfeeding gets your body out of shape. Women who breastfeed lose more weight than those women who do not. 

#3 Post- delivery therapy

Breastfeeding also helps you deal with hormonal changes. The oxytocin and prolactin hormones produced during breastfeeding, help to reduce stress, anxiety and postpartum depression. You will feel a special bond with your baby!

#4 Lowers the risks of chronic diseases

Studies show that women who breastfeed for at least 12 months, have a lower risk of ovarian and breast cancer. Breastfeeding after 1 year, could reduce the risk of diseases like heart ailment, high blood pressure, arthritis, and diabetes.

#5 Hassle-free motherhood

Who wants the additional trouble of preparing and feeding her newborn? Breastmilk is the most convenient way to fill your little one's tummy. Best thing is that it is free! It saves you money and effort to buy formula milk and you need not worry about the ingredients. You can also store the breastmilk with a reliable freezer. The best bottles are the ones that are handy and can be warmed up easily.

Everything your baby needs for the first 6 months

Breast milk is literally everything that your baby needs. It contains all the nutrients in perfect proportion which renders your baby every needed nourishment. Your baby need not be weaned until after 6 months old.

Tips for Breastfeeding

  • Drink plenty of water. Stay hydrated as it ensures your health and a good supply.

  • Do not force feed your baby. Let him/her decide on his/her appetite. 

  • Get comfortable with every aspect of breastfeeding. Your comfort will determine your child's comfort. 

The experience of motherhood is enriched by breastfeeding. It is high time to bust the myth that breast-feeding is harmful to women’s bodies medically and aesthetically. It is healthy and beneficial for both the mother and child. Comment and share with us your experiences of breastfeeding. We would love to know. Cheers to motherhood!

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