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My baby cries every evening. Is this colic?

Updated: Apr 27, 2019

Colic may be the cause if your baby suddenly cries excessively and for a long time.

How to tell baby's colic?

Your baby with colic may cry for hours with no apparent reasons (ie not hungry, soiled or febrile). Colic tends to occur at the same time daily and usually after the evening feed. Your baby may become very agitated, clenching his/her fists and drawing up his/her legs. Otherwise, your baby is perfectly well.

What causes colic?

Unfortunately, nobody knows the root cause of colic. Some possible reasons are food allergy, lactose intolerance and overstimulation of your baby. But, the good news is that colic usually resolves spontaneously when baby turns 4 months.

5 effective ways to soothe your baby with colic

#1 Cuddle your baby with skin-to-skin contact

#2 Try to massage your baby gently

#3 Prepare nice warm bath and soak your baby

#4 Play some soft, soothing music

#5 Go for a walk and try carrying your baby in a sling

If the symptom persists or you are worried, bring your baby for a check by the paediatrician.

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