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6 useful tips for hair loss

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

You notice that your hair is falling out in clumps and it is frightening. Fret not, hair loss is normal after delivery.

During pregnancy you may have been blessed with thick and lustrous hair. Yes! Pregnancy has given my hair a new lease of life! But suddenly, you are shocked! Things changed after delivery.

Hormonal changes cause hair loss

The high estrogen level in pregnancy stimulates hair growth. It prolongs the growing stage of hair. Less strands fall out each day and you have thicker tress.

After delivery, your estrogen level plummets causing more hair follicles in the resting phase. This is worsened when breastfeeding. You'll have more hair dropping in the shower or on your brush. This is not transient, as it may last up to 6 months. It can be upsetting.

6 useful tips to cope

#1 Find your hairstylist for help.

See your stylist for a new cut. Get a different hairstyle that will incorporate the fine hairs in front. You may consider to shorten the long hair into a short bob. Cool!

#2 Keep hair moussed and moist.

Apply some clay to give the illusion of fullness. Look for a volumizing mousse at the salon. Always use a conditioner or a leave-in hair moisturizer after shampooing. There are medicated shampoo which can stimulate hair growth. Ask your gynae.

#3 Try colour.

Colouring your hair gives it some volume and body. For receding hairline, highlighting the front can do the trick. Or try glossing, a treatment that gives hair all-over shine.

#4 Change the parting.

If you normally do centre-parting, try side part to hide the thinning hair at the temples.

#5 Add texture.

Sleek, straight hairstyle makes thin hair more obvious. Now is the time to show off your natural curl. If you have straight hair, try using Velcro rollers or curling iron to give your locks some oomph!

#6 Wear hair ornaments.

Headbands, scarves, and bandannas are fun and stylish ways to camouflage. And they save you some time too!

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