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Sweating during pregnancy

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

This may be the reason for pregnancy glow.

During pregnancy, hormone level and more blood flow to a warmer body cause more profuse sweating. Some women may also experience sweating after delivery as the body releases excessive water retention. Another reason is due to an increase in your thyroid hormone.

Most women sweat more as their sweat glands become more active. This is especially in the third trimester as the oil glands become active and you can develop pimples or acne.

6 ways to cope with pregnancy sweat

#1 Keep hydrated

You’re losing lots of water when you sweat which can make you feel faint. So replenish. Cold water can help your body regulate a cool temperature. Water is best, but milk, natural juices and coconut juice count as fluids too (just stay away from soda and sweetened drinks to avoid empty calories, which can lead to excess weight gain). Rule of thumb: If your urine is almost white or slightly yellow, it's a good indication you’re hydrated.

#2 Stay out of the sun

Avoid working out in the heat of the day. Instead, opt for walks in the early morning or evening, sign up for a yoga class in air-conditioned gym, or take a dip in the pool (bonus: it may also help relieve swelling in your feet and ankles too).

#3 Wear loose and light clothing

Layer it on so you can easily shed clothing or bundle up.

#4 Avoid spicy foods

Especially if they trigger your sweat reflex (plus that extra hot spicy sauce worsens your heartburn).

#5 Carry a hand-held fan

Fanning yourself will help evaporate excess sweat and cools off you.

#6 Use talc-free powder

A dash of powder in areas prone to friction will prevent heat rash.

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