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Headaches during Pregnancy

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

Headaches are common during pregnancy. They may occur at any trimester, but most frequent during the first trimester.

During the first trimester, your body experiences a surge of hormones and an increase in blood volume.  These could be the causes of more frequent headaches. These headaches are also aggravated by stress, bad posture or vision changes.

It may be common to have a mild headache during pregnancy. However, seek immediate medical attention if the headache worsens or recurs. Other worrying symptoms like vomiting, blurred vision or weakness may suggest more serious problems like brain bleeding, growth or even severe hypertension.
The usual treatment like aspirin or paracetamol will do the trick. Try coping strategies from hydration, diet tweaks to stress reduction.

6 effective ways to preventing headaches

#1 Keep eating

Low blood sugar from skipping meals can trigger a headache. Stash some crackers or a energy bar in your bag so you are ready for a healthy snack .

#2 Get enough rest

This is important in the first and third trimesters, when you’re more likely to feel exhausted – but don't oversleep, which can also make your head hurt.

#3 Keep a food diary

Some food (chocolates, ice cream and processed meats) can trigger headaches. Keep track of the foods that give you headache – and avoid them.

#4 Go slow on your coffee

Cutting back on caffeine too fast may trigger withdrawal headaches. Wean off gradually.

#5 Switch to soft lights

Fluorescent lighting can trigger headaches, so take steps to change your work environment and take frequent breaks.

#6 Seek peace and relax

Noise can give you a headache (duh!) and pregnancy makes you very sensitive to loud noises. Avoid the worst offenders (the mall, loud parties, crowded restaurants). Try music, prenatal massage, yoga, meditate, or even deep breathing exercises — any effective ways to help you relax.

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